Youphoria Yoga Mat

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Youphoria Yoga Mat

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Youphoria Yoga Yoga Mat 24 x 72-6mm – Lightweight & Absorbent Non Slip Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga, Home or Travel – Premium Yoga Mat

24″ x 72″
  • LIQUID ABSORBENT and ANTIMICROBIAL: The Youphoria Yoga Premi-OM Mat eliminates the need for a yoga towel. Crafted for your extra sweaty (and hygienic) pleasure, it’s perfect for all forms of yoga, especially Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and various hot yoga. *For extreme sweating, a yoga towel is still recommended.
  • INTENSE GRIP and ANTI-SLIP: Technology designed to keep you super safe and always in place no matter what type of yoga you practice. No break-in periods or inconvenient scrubbing rituals, either.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and EXTRA DURABLE: – High density and durable. There’s no flaking, no stretching, or falling apart with our full-size yoga mats. Weighing in at 2.5 lbs, it’s perfect for travel.
  • NO LINGERING ODORS and SUPER EASY TO CLEAN: This Natural, Eco-friendly mat does not have that strong lingering odor like other mats have. Just wipe down with warm water after each use and let dry thoroughly before rolling up for optimum longevity. *Temporary staining from body oils will occur. Keep body lotion use to a minimum. Body oil stains will fade on their own or you can clean with a warm water and gentle soap solution.
  • FREE MAT SLING : No need to go buy a yoga carrying strap. We’ve got you covered. Because we love adding value to you and your practice.


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